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WTN Pictures Archive Page 3.

*** May 26th, 1999 --- Phoenix TV Secures US Investment from CONUS ***
From the press release:
Phoenix Television Ltd, the new company created by former WTN directors, has today finalised an investment deal with CONUS Communications, the US media group. CONUS Communications is a US-based television news and production services company. The investment in Phoenix TV by CONUS represents the company's first venture into the European television market. The CONUS investment will finance the completion of Phoenix TV's major TV services centre in London's West End.

Two exWTN O'Reilly's signing the deal.

Two exWTN O'Reilly's signing the deal.
Gerry O'Reilly (President, Phoenix TV) and Terry O'Reilly (Executive Vice President, CONUS Communications)

Rick Bayles of WTN/London Comprods, who probably visited as many WTN bureaux as anyone at WTN over the years, tied the knot with Masha (formerly of WTN/Moscow) on April 1st. And for Rick, that's a better souvenir of WTN-paid travels than most of us have had.

Rick and Masha sign

Rick and Masha signing the paper.

Rick and Masha seal the deal

Rick and Masha sealing the deal.

Rick and Masha happy start

And off to a happy start.

The lost logo

A bit of nostalgia.

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