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ExWTN Staff and freelancers

This form is for exWTN staffers and freelancers, to add information on their job with WTN.
This form is for use only by those who submitted contact information before there was the option on the main form to say what they did with WTN.
This applies to people who submitted prior to January 1999.
You might add location to the job (for example, "Cameraman at WTN/Brussels")
Just enter the details below and hit the SUBMIT button.
The information will be put in the [CONTACTS] page as soon as possible.

As this is a public Home Page, any information submitted can be seen by anyone with an internet connection. So that we can be assured that the request to list information is bona fide, please email to the site administrator via your personal email confirming that you have sent the information and that any information for anyone other than yourself has been cleared with that person. Please do NOT send contact information by standard email as the retyping will be just too much of a burden. Using the form allows semi-automatic entry onto the home-page.

The WTN job details are for:

First Name
Family Name
What did you do at WTN

Send completed form          Clear the whole form
Don't forget to send the email confirmation of this submission. Just say who you are and whose details you have submitted.   Confirm by email to the Web Master

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