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"Count not what is lost but what is left"

Welcome, Friends of WTN!


Dear Friend of WTN,

I hope you find the picture pages (linked to this page) bring back fond memories for you and more than a few smiles.

Before I left WTN, soon after the take-over, I managed to 'liberate' the WTN still picture archive from the Marketing Department.  These were old pictures you had sent Lorrie Grabham over the years for the WTN newsletter.  I have scanned many of them and posted them on the attached pages.  Quite a few had been published in the newsletter but I felt some of the others deserved a wider exposure!

It was impossible to obtain everyone's permission to post their pictures on this site.  So I took a chance and posted them anyway, in the hope that you will all embrace the goodwill that lies behind the Friends of WTN site.  If you would prefer to see an alternative picture of yourself, please send a scanned image of it to me and I will substitute it.

Also, if your picture doesn't appear on these pages and you would like it to, please send me a copy. 

I hope we can organise a reunion, in London, one weekend in May.  I will keep you all posted through the Friends web site and through e-mail.

I will try to keep these pages updated as often as new WTN related events occur, so please revisit the site from time to time.

My warmest wishes to you and I hope 1999 brings you the good fortune you deserve.  As regards myself, some good friends and I have set up a new company in this industry, based in Central London.  I hope you will hear more about it soon, wherever you are. 

So, until we meet again, Goodbye!

Rex Jenkins

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New! (Feb '99)  Joyce MacDonald-Smith's farewell Party pictures.  Click Here

Rex Jenkins' e-mail address: rexj@dial.pipex.com

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