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Hong Kong
Looking down on Wanchai and a few more.

Kori's sister Hana had a medical emergency in 2007 and our visit was extended several weeks.
Made a project of shooting all the Hong Kong trams!! (added more in years since)
Temagami 2019

Temagami 2019 - Chad and family visit.
Temagami Aug-2005

Lake Temagami where our island in the forest is 20km (12 miles) from the end of the road.
Temagami Views

These pix all from or within a hundred meters of the island.
The island is in the bottom right quadrant of the aerial.. the larger of the two islands to the right of the point.
Official name +Island 402+ (of the 1600 islands in the lake).
Scenes over the years oaround Island 402

Scenes over the years around Island 402

More scenes of Temagami (October 2005)- and Horses and the autumn colour shot enroute to Temagami - east of Georgian Bay.
Temagami Misc

Miscellaneous pictures in the cabin, on the island and in the neighbourhood.
Temagami 2011

The 2011 shots in Temagami. Except aboard the Archibald's sailboat, all shots on or from Island 402.
402 Misc

402 Misc - Boathouse, Outhouse, Coffee Deck, clouds
Stratford Home

Our home in Stratford, the town and nearby countryside.

The raccoons (born and raised under our front porch) frolicking in the yard.
Mushrooms - for iPad

One season's mushrooms on 3/5 hectare(1 1/2 acre) Island 402
A very unusual year for fungii - 2008
Damsel Flies

Damsel Flies and a few others.
July 2013 - Cabin opening visit to Island 402
Inside flowers

Close-up views inside the perimeter of flowers
From pictures shot over several years in several countries.
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Springtime Trilliums - the official flower of the Province of Ontario.
Shot between London and Stratford May 2012.
Wide angle photos

Same - panning

Wide angle pictures - stitched together from 2 to 5 photos
Coutryside around Stratford - Winter 2014

A drive in the countryside west of Stratford. And some pictures of hungry guests in our driveway.
Christmastime HK 2012

Shot Boxing Day and Dec 27th evening
Aroma Coffee - Bandung 2013

Aroma Coffee (Kopi Aroma) - Bandung 2013
New Zealand trip - January 2017

New Zealand trip - January 2017
Lake Victoria - Statford

Around Lake Victoria in Stratford
Monkeys of Pangandaran

Monkeys of Pangandaran Indonesia - August 2014
Roads of Java

Highways and sideroads of Java - August 2014
Pangandaran - 1 - 1024px
Pangandaran - 1 - 900px

Pangandaran Area - south coast of Java - August 2014
Pangandaran - 2

Pangandaran Area - south coast of Java - August 2014

The Cat
Tulips 2020

Tulips 2020.
Tulips in the Shakespearean Garden
Spring 2021

Parkland around Victoria Lake
Spring 2021
Photos #1

Photos #2


Kovacs pictures and documents
Time Lapse 1 402 2017-mp4
Time Lapse 1 402 2017-wmv
Time Lapse 1 402 2017-mov
Time Lapse 1 402 2017-m4v
Time Lapse 2 402 2017-mp4
Time Lapse 2 402 2017-wmv


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Testing Time Lapse photography - Canon T3i and arduino control
Four tests of the first, in mp4, wmv, mov and Apple TV (mkv) and two testys in the second in mp4 amd wmv only.
Some browsers do not handle some videos well
With some you need to make a download and then find the downloaded file and play from it.

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