Roads of Java

These pictures were all shot through the windshield, most from a moving vehicle. The roads with lane markings are main highays and are on the route south-east from Bandung to Pangandaran on the south coast of Java. The narrow roads are what would be called side-roads in the general area of Pangandaran, some running for 20-30 kilometers. They have a multitude of potholes which the pictures do not show. An average speed of 15km/hour on these roads was normal. The pictures can not illustrate fully the actual travel on the road - the constant speed changes, lane-straddling, aborted attempts to pass, tail-gating and near-death experiences.

Near the big cities of Indonesia and between some major centres there 401-style four and six-lane highways, most often toll roads (and often clogged). But other major roads are crowded, narrow, shoulderless, twisty-turny affairs. No one picture is a winner but a quick click-through will give you some idea of road travel in Java.
The last four pictures show the normal crowd of motorcycles that wait at any red light in Bandung.

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