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WTN Pictures Archive Page 2.

Click for January 1989 Newsletter Cover

Ten years ago
The WTN Newsletter issue 11 of January 1989 - already a three-year old publication.
From first to last issue produced by Lorrie Grabham Morgan (Now in Amsterdam in the world of high finance)
Click on the picture for a readable full-screen version of the cover. It takes a moment to download.

Olimpiu Gheorghiu

Olimpiu Gheorghiu/Bucharest with his taxi. Photo contribution by Olimpiu Gheorghiu .

Alvin's fist

Alvin Delacruz in the WTN NY MCR either cheering on his favourite team or celebrating a WTN Eurovision exclusive.
Photo contribution by Marc Hutzler.

London MCR

Marc Hutzler (centre) from NY MCR smiles at camera with Nightcrew Hans (left) and John (right) on a May 98 visit to WTN/London MCR
Photo contribution by Marc Hutzler.

The lost logo

A bit of nostalgia.

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