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Script notes

Tomoo Itoh and Kyoko Mizukawa have sent in couple of pictures of the opening of the +new+ WTN/Tokyo Bureau in October 1996, one of the old u-matic era bureau and a more recent picture of themselves [The pictures] 

Chris Slaney, who keeps in touch with a lot of exWTNers, sends the following notes:
A little something for the website - Anja Marx former WTN Brussels boss(with 3 cracked ribs from a horse riding accident) Zeist, Holland. Jan 31, 2001.
Anja Marx
Click on the Thumb to get a larger look.

Ex WTNer Graham Humberstone will be celebrating the wedding of his eldest son Daniel in Jerusalem on Feb 18th. The bride's name is Rivka. Graham has 10 children!

Conclave of ex WTNers at sentencing of Libyan convicted of planting bomb on PAN AM 103. This took place at Scottish court in Camp Zeist Holland on Jan 31st. Present were Slaney, Anja Marx, Igor M. Ciaran McQuillan, Dave Pentlow, Muriel The and Allesandro Gentile. (Sure I forgot someone)

And a further note about Chris.
Not much new with me but I've taken up freelance writing and have been published in Singapore straits times, Athens Daily, Khaleej Times (dubai) and a couple of other minor leaguers. At the mo it's still more of a hobby for pocket money rather than a career change but ya never know.
Next week I'm off to Rome for 3 months for APTN to stand in for their bureau chief who is going on maternity leave.

From sunny Spain, Shirly Bucklow (the oil on the hinge in the London Newsroom)
Hi there!
Just a quick note to confirm that Ive sent my details to the contacts page.
Ive been living and working in Barcelona since October 1999 - teaching English, trying to improve my Spanish and learning a bit of Catalan!
If any ex-colleagues are ever in Barcelona and would like to go out for a beer then please get in touch.
Best wishes from Shirley
***[Shirley's contact info is now in the Contacts page] ***

From Michael Pohl
Dear all,
Just a short notice , but a cute one: My wife Tanja and me just became parents of a gorgeous son, Simon , on Dec.2nd,2000. weighs 3910 gramms and every one of his 53 centimeters are just great!!! Best regards from Frankfurt
Michael Pohl/ex-WTN Frankfurt Cameraman
Baby Simon
Click on the Thumb to get a larger look.
9/Dec /2000

Vojislav Raonic (Vojo). ex WTN bureau chief in Belgrade now back at +home+ in Montenegro and Andy Edwards, WTN/London Sports have added their names to the long list of exWTN people in our contacts list. Andy comments:

This is Andy Edwards, longtime sports freelance journalist for WTN, confirming I have just sent you my details for the website. I may well be able to claim the status of longest serving freelance, going back to 1982 with a break of about a year from '89 to 90. Best wishes to the WTN diaspora,
Andy Edwards

Does anyone want to claim that record away from Andy?
***[Vojo and Andy's newly added contact info on the Contacts page] ***

From Rick Bayles in London:
Fathers of beautiful young women everywhere can heave a sigh of relief. Chris Daniels, the Don Juan of the WTN Machine Room (and now Phoenix TVs Avid Editor), has finally fallen!
He recently announced his engagement to his stunning French girlfriend, Audrey. He's a lucky man and she's.....very charitable.
Rumours are that the wedding will be sometime next year.

From WTN EOD Ashley Velie in London:
Hello to all my old friends from WTN - I hope all is going well! I have settled into a new life at CBS News in London, although I must admit I miss all of you guys a lot. Take care, all the best. Ashley
***[Ashley's newly added contact info on the Contacts page] ***

The man who may be the best known (at least among the famous) WTNer, David Weiss, is now father of a son, Jesse, born in February 2000. If the WTN newsletter was still in publication, Jesse probably would have had his mug on the back page with David within the week of birth.
***[David's contact info on the Contacts page] ***

From Chris Slaney in Tel Aviv:

Former WTN Jerusalem producer Jeanette Goldman was back in Israel recently and we used this as an excuse for a little get together. Jeanette and her husband Ed left Jerusalem before the takeover for a spell in Guangzho, China where Ed had a job selling software. Since then they've spent just over a year in Vietnam and are currently relocating to Singapore.
We chose a restaurant in the hills midway between Jerusalem & Tel Aviv for our lunch date; surprise! it only had outdoor seating and the temperature was closer to 100 than 90. Never mind, the food was good and the company terrific.
I've enclosed a few snaps. Although they were taken with one of the better (expensive) digital cameras, they look like .... Maybe you can fiddle with them - it needs a better tool than my "Microsoft photo editor". (sorry, no time, they're really quite good enough... editor)
The Pictures (click to see):
- Amos Michaeli - former WTN cameraman, now "digital video" maven - shoots & edits all on MiniDV / PC format
- Ronnie Battat - former admin mgr at WTN J'lem - taxicab owner
-- A K Samara - former producer Mid east Dept in J'lem - now correspondent for Saudi TV.
- Dorit Long - former Deputy Bureau Chief - now producer at ABC News in Israel
- Zion Eilam - former WTN Producer - currently producer / editor at N24 (used to be Pro7)
Also at the meal but not in the pictures;
- Samih Shaheen - former WTN cameraman in West Bank, now reports for AFP and shoots for France 2
- Benny Bianco - former cameraman - now freelancing and doing a lot of work for ZDF & ARD.
Cheers, Chris

Lita Montilla in Manila is now what in WTN terms would be +Head of Broadcast Services+ for the largest most prestigious broadcaster in the Philippines. She handles all facilities, satellite upleg and coverage requests from foreign broadcasters. She has been busy this little while with hostages down south. She is in the Contacts Directory.
***[Contacts page] ***

For those who are interested in what the follow-up are doing, there is now an APTN website and it is at http://www.aptn.com

Ken Herron's TVNewsWeb has a new look. http://www.tvnewsweb.com

From Rick Bayles:
Sorry to be the bearer of sad news but Neil Ormsby passed away last Thursday (27th April).
Neil worked with WTN Productions on Business Development and was with the company for some six years, during which time he made a major contribution to the growth and development of the department. He was a great assett to WTN and a great friend to those of us who knew him well. He always lived life to the full and packed a lot into his 42 years.
Sadly, Neil was diagnosed with Cancer last year. Initially the prognosis was good but the cancer was later found to have spread to his liver and he deteriorated rapidly. He leaves behind a wife, Wendy. They had been married for 18 months.
We'll miss him.

Lita Montilla in Manila has finally figured out how to make her browser download the whole exWTN contact list. If anyone else is having problems, or has comments on the site, please email to  the Web Master

Fred Monson (WTN/London VP exAPTN) is now fraternizing on a consulting basis with the exWTN gang at Phoenix Productions in London. He is helping research a business plan for a possible new Phoenix venture.

From Hazin Sabanovic in Sarajevo (recently moved jobs to USAID):
Dear friend, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. It has been two thousand years since the count of time, And much more time has passed than we know. God only knows how long we are to go, May we all feel only happiness and joy. Hazim

To all exWTNers, Tomoo Itoh, Kyoko Mizukawa and Juro Akiba (the former WTN Tokyo) sent Season's/2000 greetings. I won't send you the creative page because it is a half-megabyte Word document which may be just a bit too much for some of you to download. The moto on page center is +We are always ready for the World's Broadcasters+

Mohamed Yehia reports:
I have left Video Cairo, and am working now with BBC Arabic Online in Bush House. Big step away from TV, but fun.
My e-mail is: moyehia@hotmail.com or mohamed.yehya@bbc.co.uk
If anyone would like to meet up and raise a glass in honor of WTN, contact me.
Merry Christmas, happy Ramadan, and new millenium to everyone.
Mohamed Yehia - WTN Cairo

Jennifer Wilson, long time WTN and until recently APTN, Executive Producer Progammes (Earthfile etc) reports:
The corporate takeover juggernaut rolled over the second floor at The Interchange squashing Programmes, the senior producers in Rovers and our business affairs manager, Susie Mannan. So we're all out there....Jennifer, Nigel, Viktoria, Michele, Anne and Susie.
See [Full Contacts]  for updated contact info for Jennifer.

Ben Bloede ex WTN/Tokyo Sales reports:
I have been at MTV-Asia since June, in charge of advertising accounts for Japanese companies. I am currently in Singapore, but plan to move back to Japan next year. In the meantime, I am back and forth a lot. [Contacts] 

Tim Trainor is now exWTN/APTN Los Angeles Comprods and at Kavinga Communications [Contacts] 

Updating the note below. Bremner into the forest Sept 9th until mid-October. Next exWTN site updates then.
Cheers Eric.

Again, from the Keeper of the Site:
Back after four weeks in the forest and there are a few contact additions and updates: Elfers, Gardner, Kennedy, Matranga, Monson, Neuston and Scerek. See the [Full Contacts]  page for updated info.
Bob Howes confirms he has departed APTN. And has his lawyer talking to them post-departure.
Fred Monson advises he is leaving APTN in August.
Anna Matranga now working for CBS in Rome.
Yours truly into the forest again late August for another five weeks. So please submit any summer info for this page before then. What are you all doing??
Cheers Eric Bremner

From the Keeper of the Site:
Well, I've been out of touch for about four weeks and am back to find only one real tidbit of news for this section. Bob Howes and Ken Ryan have left APTN. No details!
See the [Full Contacts]  page for updated info on Ghassan Salem in Beirut and Tomoo Itoh in Tokyo, and new entries for Robert Massey in Cambridge Maryland and Sean Ward in London.
Yours truly into the forest for five weeks from July 10th. So no website updates until mid-August.
Cheers Eric Bremner

From Matt Eick in London
Hi... I just wanted to update my contact address so that old colleagues and friends at WTN know where I am. [See Contacts]  If anybody is in the London area call me and we'll go have a drink or something. I have now settled into London but am still looking for a job. It ain't easy. Even travelled to Macedonia recently to check things out there. Saw a lot of old friends and colleagues who usually cover the Balkans. I continue to search.
Cheers Matt

From Lynn Descoteau in New York:
I left APTN in May'99. Hooray! David and I formed our own production company focusing on documentaries and features. I produce for a number of clients doing project management, field produce, research, etc. Clients are broadcasters, entertainment and corporate and our favorite to work on is documentaries. We do a lot of work for worldwide relief agencies. Much of the same as what I did at WTN and more. David and I have our own IKE HL 55 package with all the accesories and full audio kit. We also have a separate IKE in a custom-built underwater housing for his underwater shooting. David is a 3 time Telly award winning cameraman and has an extensive underwater stock library (that sells quite well!) from the Caribbean stemming from 15 years of living there. He's also an instrument rated pilot and speaks fluent Spanish.
We're willing to collaborate with any former WTN people on projects.
Please feel free to give a call and stay at our place if in New York!
***[Contact Info on the Contacts page] ***
(25 May 1999)

And updating the May 15th Pheonix TV note:

Press Release, May 26th, 1999 --- Phoenix TV Secures US Investment from CONUS

Gerry O'Reilly (President, Phoenix TV) and Terry O'Reilly (Executive Vice President, CONUS Communications)
Phoenix Television Ltd, the new company created by former WTN directors, has today finalised an investment deal with CONUS Communications, the US media group. CONUS Communications is a US-based television news and production services company. Its managing general partner, Hubbard Broadcasting Inc. was also the majority owner of United States Satellite Broadcasting Inc. (USSB), acquired last week by General Motors/Hughes in a transaction valued at just under $2 billion. The investment in Phoenix TV by CONUS represents the company's first venture into the European television market. Phoenix TV has already secured an international production and satellite distribution agreement with Reuters, who now refers all its new corporate business to Phoenix. The CONUS investment will finance the completion of Phoenix TV's major TV services centre in London's West End.
Terry O'Reilly, Executive Vice President of CONUS Communications stated:
"The uniquely-talented management team at Phoenix TV has already distinguished itself with the client relationships it has developed in its short existence. The company will open new markets for our products and services and we will benefit from their expertise in the international television marketplace."
Client interest in the services provided by Phoenix Television has generated notable TV production and distribution commissions in Europe, the USA and Latin America. The CONUS investment will facilitate Phoenix TV's expansion plans to become a significant provider of TV production and distribution services throughout the world.
[Picture of the two exWTN O'Reilly's signing the deal] 
(26 May 1999)

Some old WTN/London hands have their fingers in a new venture.
Gerry O'Reilly, Steve Turner, Rex Jenkins and Rick Bayles are the exWTNers behind Phoenix Television.
Lifting a few words from their internet home page:

"Phoenix Television is an international television production services company providing dedicated production support around the world for: TV Networks - Business Corporations - International Organisations
The Company is founded on fifteen years' experience of successful commercial operations on behalf of the TV news agencies. Now, the same management team has created a fully independent organisation, committed to taking customer service to its highest level.
Phoenix Television is in the process of building its own dedicated studio, production and satellite distribution resources in the heart of London's West End. This new TV production centre, with its emphasis on top-quality, 24-hour service will be unique in Europe."

See more at the Phoenix internet site: http://www.phoenix-tv.net .
(15 May 1999)

For those of you who haven't seen it, you might like to take a look at Ken Herron's http://www.tvnewsweb.com website. Its now been +on the air+ for seven weeks.. The site has sections titled +News Talk+, +Features+, +Messages+, +Camerman/Editing+, +Uplinks Today+, +Future News+, +Uplink Contacts+ and +News Video+
(15 May 1999)

Jennifer Anderson, a graduate of the WTN Forward Planning Desk notes:
"NewsAhead International, owned by ex WTN and RTV staffers operating out of 5 countries, publishes the World News Forecast and Media Services Directory. It's an online publication, now two years old, with many of the biggest world newsdesks among its subscribers. There are ex WTN professionals among its advertisers who would welcome an email visit from ex colleagues. Visit www.newsahead.com to check it out."
Jennifers contact info is in the Contacts page.
(15 May 1999)

Nada Shakour, who many of you know through her coordination of incoming Middle East satellites, now has her name in the Contacts section. She says "By the way, Abdul Kader - ME Editor - is now part of Dubai TV Newsroom. Good luck to him!"
(10 May 1999)

From Lowndes in the land of Basketball:

Still in USA, looking for work full time from an outplacement agency called DBM.
Best to all,
(note Lowndes contact info now in the Contacts page .. eb)
(5 May 1999)

Rick Bayles of WTN/London Comprods, who probably visited as many WTN bureaux as anyone at WTN over the years, tied the knot with Masha (formerly of WTN/Moscow) on April 1st. And for Rick, that's a better souvenir of WTN-paid travels than most of us have had. Click here for the pictures.

From Hazim in Sarajevo:

Dear Eric, I have just submitted an update information about me for the web page. I am finally going to see some better days. How are you, I haven't heard about anyone lately.
cheers, Hazim.
(3 May 1999)

In his May 3rd contact info update, Olimpiu in Bucharest ends with " All the best from all my heart for all of you reading this. Olimpiu"

From Chris Slaney recently in the Balkans (of course):

Hi. A couple of weeks ago in Tirana the following old hands were gathered at the same dinner table; great company but indifferent food.
Anna Matranga CBS
Dario SAT1
Tomislav Skaro - APTN
Nynke LaPorte (former newsroom - left before the takeover) NET 5
Igor "Maglite" - APTN
Chris Slaney - APTN
Nino Bantic's brother was also there!
If I've forgotten anybody - sorry, age and alcohol.

The following day in Skopje I bumped into Steve Pollak, Raff Wolber (ex Hong Kong), Adrian Dolan, Jenny Bruer and Ivan (former WTN Sofia).

Cheers, Chris
(2 May 1999)

From Anna Averkiou in London:

Hi everyone. Just a note to say I'm still at the BBC and have just started a six month attachment setting up and running the new Picture Desk in the main newsroom. It means I'm deskbound - but around if anyone wants to meet up in the evenings! I really enjoyed seeing everyone at Mauri's do recently and hope to come along and support the cricket team in the summer
Also, I'm looking to sell my 26 Disney shares - and wondered if anyone would be interested before I try to find a broker who deals in foreign shares (any suggestions/contacts gratefully accepted).
Please e-mail me on anna.averkiou@bbc.co.uk.
Anna Averkiou
(2 May 1999)

From Gerhard Elfers in Frankfurt:
Hi..... Not enough info on The Germans here!
Ex-WTN Frankfurt cameraman Christof Noelting now (re)-joined APTN as their Frankfurt cameraman. Michael Pohl freelancing for a number of international clients ex Frankfurt, currently in -you guessed it- Kosovo (where else, really). Former WTN-Producer Gerhard Elfers currently working as reporter for RTL.
The WTN Frankfurt office was taken over by CNN, Angus Foxley still in that office under Starbird contract. Eva Klein found a nice job in Hannover with a large TV-production company called Center-TV.
Best regards to all, and thanks for maintaining this site!
(7 April 1999)

From Samira Kawar ex WTN/London newsroom
I started my new job as Middle East correspondent at a British publishing consultancy that covers the petroleum industry exclusively on the 1st of March. It is a writing job, and I am learning all about oil. It is interesting and challenging work. Of course, I miss general news, and many of my former friends and colleagues at WTN, so I hope we can arrange a get together soon. It was nice to see some of you at the pub gathering arranged by Mauri on Thursday (1 April). Let's hope it can be done again.
Warmest regards to all Samira Kawar (1 April 99)

Dear friends By the first of May 1999 Gaza Media Center will move to another place in the center of Gaza city. The new place is 200 m from the Palestinian parliament and 500 m from Arafat's office. It will have modern studio, Digital and Analogue Edit, live position with very good view day and night, microwave link with Jerusalem and the earth station and the EBU dish in Jerusalem, microwave link with Arafat's office, the Parliament, and the airport for live transmision. To contact us: Remal-Omar al- mokhtar St., AL Shrok tower 14 floor, Gaza City, Palestine - tel:0097272823589-2824542, fax:0097272840182, Email wtngaza@rannet.com home page: http://members.xoom.com/gmc_gss
Best regards Abed Al-Salaam Abu Askar (5 April 99)

Rick Bayles notifies:
"Masha and I are getting married on April 1st. (No, it's not a joke!)."
Note that Masha is the Masha of WTN/Moscow. Wedding pictures to follow.
(20 March 1999)

Chris Slaney reports:
Zion "Tony" Eilam, former WTN Jerusalem producer has quit his job with APTN and will commence work for FOX NEWS in their Jerusalem office on March 1st.
Noa Mizrachi, also former WTN Jerusalem producer, has a full time job with Italian broadcaster RAI. (10 March, 1999)

Nigel Parsons (exWTN now APTN sales) notes that the WTN European Sales people are not included in the listing of exWTN people below. That is now corrected.
Nigel and Angela Comer with APTN/London Sales, Svetlana Setunskaya with APTN Sales in Moscow. IsabelJubert with EFE TV in Madrid.
And a tardy move of Rick Bayles (London Comprods) to the departees and a freelance life. (26 Feb 1999)

When queried on rumours of her having joined Oxfam, Rachel Stabb replied:
I have indeed started with Oxfam as their International Media Officer. So far I've spent my first week in Washington, my second week between London and Oxford and on March 3rd, I'm supposed to be en route to Barcelona!! (21 February 1999)

From Homero Nava in Mexico

Philip Davies (ex WTN Joburg and Nairobi) reports that WTN's stringer based in Port Elizabeth on South Africa's south coast, Tony Vincent, was killed recently. Tony, shooting a wildlife documentary, was up with his camera in a microlight when it crashed. Tony traveled the world shooting documentaries and corporate films and videos as well as being WTN's man in South Africa's south and west. (7 Feb 1999)

ABU ASKAR - WTN / GAZA (25 Jan 1999)

Rachel Stabb reports: Long time London freelancer, Philippa Meagher (Marr) gave birth to a son on 22nd Jan. at 0300. Little 'James Henry Thomas' weighs 6 lbs 9 ozs. Anyone wishing to contact Philippa can reach her at home: 5 Crawley Chase, Winkfield Row, Bracknell, Berks RG12 6TS (23 Jan, 1999)

If you want to take another look at the 21/Sept/98 AP story on the finalisation of the purchase of WTN by AP, it was still sitting on one corner of the WWW at 16/Jan/99:
Associated Press completes buyout of Worldwide Television News


Sasha +Speed+ Spiridonov of WTN/Moscow has died.
Speed was a young man with many problems, but much loved by all at WTN/Moscow.
I t is reported that he died of heart failure.
Sasha and his girlfriend paid a visit to the WTN/London newsroom about 1994 and most WTN visitors to Moscow would have met him.
He worked mostly as a feed coordinator. (Jan 99)

Richard Steenhuis reminds all in London:

The list of who's in and who's out (as known at 2/January/1999).
Please email any errors, additions and updates to  wtnfriends@btinternet.com

   8 July 1999 updating with Bob Howes and Ken Ryan departure from APTN/London.

   16/Jan/99 updating with WTN Middle East Deptartment departures

    Only other change from the previous emailed list:

    Kate Ivens departed from Broadcast Services
  (and correcting error - James Turner still at APTN/NY)

__________________________________________________________ GONE on Voluntary Redundancy from the WTN/London newsroom Ashley Velie Samira Kawar Liz Havern Ken Heron Sarah Stevens Sue Stevens Fiona Werge David Tucker Al Ratclife John Hodgman Matt McGarry John Flannery Stephanie Clarke David Parker Mark Richardson Noni Stacey Guy Ker (now Managing Editor at Chan-4 News in London.) Rachel Stabb Marcello Zanini Eric Bremner Shirley Bucklow GONE among other departments in London: Gerry O'Reilly (Comprods - Programs) Stever Turner (Comprods) Bob Howes (Technical Services) (Departed June 99) Moira Edmonds (BS) Lorrie Grabham-Morgan (Marketing) Yasar Durra (Middle East) Isabel Morgan (Rovers) Rex Jenkins (Marketing) Pete +Spanner+ Harris (MCR) Paul Bannister (MCR) Charles Faulds (MCR) Ken Ryan (MCR) (Departed June 99) Kate Ivens departed (Broadcast Services) Claire Jarvis (Bookings) Jo Farmer (BS) Rick Bayles (Comprods) David Weiss (WTN/NY Scott Michaeloff (WTN/NY) James Fitzgerald, Richard Copeman, Graham Herkes (London Sports staffers) Mark Jeffreys (London Sports freelancer) . Helen Piper (London Sports production assistant) future is unsure. She may be a compulsory redundancy or may be placed into satellite bookings. All other Sports freelancers are out (but failed to receive redundancy due to invoicing WTN as companies)... This includes Andy Edwards who worked for WTN Sport for eleven out of the last 15 years. They are just let go. The voluntary redundancy people from the London Middle East Department are: Abdul Kader Kharobi Samia Hosny Rachel Cunnigham Staal Zahra Mackawi Aziz Abdul Hay Nada Shakour --------------------------------------------------------------------- 1998 STAYERS with APTN/London - Not accepted for Volontary redundancy or did not apply. In the newsroom: Anna Murray Rob Gilles Catherine Gaschka Jemini Pandya Stuart Pendleton Mike Reid Tamar Fakahany Satvindar Sahota Tom Burke Jonah Hull Flora Hunter Tanya Sakzewski Nino Bantic 1998 STAYERS in other London departments: (partial listing - those who may be known abroad) Fred Monson Bob Howes (Technical Services) (Departed June 99) Patrick Whelband (Entertainment) Jennifer Wilson (Programs) Viktoria Baller (Programs) David Simmons (Library) Helen Clifton (BS) Cathy Rice (BS) Lisa Robson (BS) Sue Falcone (Personnel) Herbie Rana (Accounts) Kati France (Accounts) Mike Shegog (BSN) Adam Norris (Comprods) David Cook, Adrian Tuckwell and Alan Kyrle (Maintenance) Ray Duff, George Bradford, Larry Grove (Traffic) Megs in bookings (may re reconsidered for redundancy ??) Nigel Parsons and Angela Comer in Sales Ken Ryan (Departed June 99) Phillippe Bertrand (Tech Facs) _______________________________________________ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ DEPARTEES IN THE FIELD include (partial listing only): Michel Haj, Yaser Al-Naji, Saleh Al-Yaman & Jamal Gheith of WTN AMMAN, Ghassan Salem, Wadad (Weeda) Hamzah, Sami Zeinnedine, Kassem Dergham & Fadi Feghali of WTN BEIRUT TEL AVIV Dorit Long - former WTN Deputy Bureau Chief TEL AVIV (departed Jan 99 to ABC/Tel Aviv Bureau) Chris Slaney to status of free agent with APTN guarantee March 1999. Zion "Tony" Eilam, WTN Jerusalem producer to FOX NEWS Jerusalem office March 1st. Noa Mizrachi, former WTN Jerusalem producer, has a full time job with Italian broadcaster RAI as at March, 1999 Anna Matranga, Dario Canciello, Alessandro Gentile David Iocolucci in ROME. Marie-Danielle Tilliette, Michael Huggins, Jean-Marie Bresson and Abdel Zouieche in PARIS Michael Pohl, Cristoph Nolting and Tomislav Skaro in FRANKFURT Vojo Raonic, Neli Perovic and Vejlko Djuravic in BELGRADE Shellie Karabell, Ivan Rodionov, Andrei Rabotnov and Klim Kolossov among others in MOSCOW Rob Celliers, Spokes Mashayane, Vince Magwenya and Ella Drayton in JOBURG Matt Eik from NAIROBI Jason Bleitreu in BANGKOK Jun Manuel and Lita Montilla in MANILA Park Han-Choon and Song Sook-Ja in SEOUL Ben Bloede in TOKYO Tom Mathra, Percy Talreja, Pooja Kaul and Tim Irwin in DELHI David Wivel and Miss Zhau (Diana) in BEIJING Elissa Fidden in SYDNEY From WTN/HONG KONG: Len Richardson, Cal Barton, Rebecca Ip, Christina Yiu, Rafael Wober, Rafi Mohideen, Annie Yim, Karen Mah, Mark Hiney and Anita Ramchandar (Rebecca freelancing with APTN) From WTN/NEW YORK (redundant or resigned): Michael Davy, John Alger, Kathy Higuchi, Jill Johnson, Sheffield Keith, Carl Deal, Freya Michie, Elise Labott, Anthony Lappe, Steve Karmazin (all from news); Rick Haas and Tim Burgess (from sports); Karen Rush, Jeff Berger, Joy Ramos, Mark Hutzler (all from mcr); Rick Sannicandro, David Weiss, Dave Capello (all from broadcast services); Mark Dachel, Brenda Cintron, Luz Medina (all from accounts); Gerard Mackie and Anton Mittag (from engineering); Scott Michaeloff, Dolores Wilson, Katherine Hrvatin (all from sales); Paul Sisco (from WASHINGTON). Homero Nava in MEXICO Cristiana Mesquita in RIO de JANEIRO Isabel Jubert from European sales base in Madrid (to EFE TV/Madrid) Farouk Fouly (WTN staff cameraman in the CAIRO Bureau for 23 years), and Mohamed Yehia (CAIRO staff cameraman / editor for 5 years) ===== Of course, not to be forgotten, the LONG GONE people at the former top levels: Roby Burke, John Reverand, Lowndes Lipscomb, Gary Napier and Richard Sykes ------------------------------------------------------------ IN THE FIELD the APTN STAYERS include: All of WTN/Brussels Anja Marx (to Berlin), Igor Meglajec, Allessandra Trona and Uli Simon. Valerie Hamilton at WTN/Rome Thomais Papiouanu in Paris Alex Stavitsky in Madrid Olimpiu Gheorgiu in Bucharest Firle Davies and Josthat Kasari in Nairobi Bishr Eltouni (likely rebasing from Nairobi) Will Stebbins (to be rebased from Cairo) Maria Ronson in Hong Kong (pending) Billy Cooper in Jakarta Zoran Jankovic in Delhi Iqbal Athas in Colombo Eight or nine staff in Moscow including Alex Belov, Kov Kovelevich, Andrei Klassin, Alan Quartly, Sergei Nalitch (Middle East) and Svetlana Setunskaya (Sales) Norman Bottorff, Cameraman Shawn Yeh and local assistant Mr. Mu Alexander Furtula in Prague In Israel: Ronnie Battat - former WTN Admin Mgr And in New York: James Turner, Miguel Real, Reka Pigniczky (all from news); Tom Giovan, Darren Lawler, Alvin Delacruz, Tiffany Dotterman, Ken Hason, John Salzinger (all from mcr); Debbie Sawicki, Claro Serrano, Rocco Perrone, Morenike Clarke (all from accounts); Sheila Laurenceau and Aynsley Floyd (from broadcast services); June Appel, Rachel Diamond, Margherita Angione, Kevin Mccarthy, Tim Trainor (all from comprods); Karen Hendren,Scott Wapner, Rob Subach, Jeremy Brown (all from merrill lynch); Gerard Tibbs, Pepe Fernandez, Jerry de la Espada (all from traffic); Jenny Serravalli and Anna Dokoza (from entertainment); Mike Rosenfelder (Washington) Dave Modrowski - rebasing in London for APTN Carla Roman in Havana (continuing to work, but future not clear) Fernando Jauregui, stringer in Caracas: (taken on by APTN as stringer) Walter de Cabo in Buenos Aires (doing work for APTN as stringer for now) All other WTN Latam stringers: ??? The only WTN bureaux that APTN will operate from are the former WTN bureaux in Beijing and New York. -------------------------------------------------------------------

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