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Welcome, Friend of WTN!

This site is dedicated to the many loyal WTN employees throughout the world who left the company or who were made redundant through the purchase by Associated Press.

The site was created as an information centre to help former colleagues keep in touch with one another.

It is also for former WTN clients to maintain contact with their friends who worked at WTN. We hope that the many clients who have fond memories of working with former WTN employees will want to keep in touch.

If you are an exWTNer and would like your own or another exWTNer's contact details to be included on this site, please use the  [Submit Contact Info] form.

If you are a friend of WTN and would like your contact details included on this site, please use the 
[Submit Friends Contact Info] form.

If you would like to send an email to the site administrator, click on the mailbox. Mail to the site administrator